IMG_0019 (2)etsy imageHi…I’m Donna. Welcome to Draw That Pig. After nearly a decade as a high school Latin teacher, I have been a stay-at-home mom to my two littles (7 and 9) and one “big” (24) for the past nine years. We live in Northeast Pennsylvania, where in addition to sewing, I also enjoy tutoring, gardening, and vacationing with my family at the Jersey shore.

I am an imperfect person, but I believe in my life, and in my path. I make loads of mistakes, but I am able to laugh and enjoy life nevertheless. I hope that my story might make you smile and encourage you, too!

Oh, why the unusual name “Draw That Pig?” Well, that goes way back – to my Kindergarten days, in fact. Near the back of my workbook was an assignment to “draw a pig.” What? NO! I panicked. Every day my parents would encourage me saying, “You could do it, Donna! You can draw that pig!” When the time came, I drew the best pig ever! So that has been my motto for confidence ever since. Cool, huh? You can do it, too! You can Draw That Pig!