What Keeps Me Going {Reflections during Small Business Week 2017}

As Small Business Week 2017 draws to a close, this is an opportune time for me to reflect on why I press on with such drive to make my small business a success.

While I may not be widely famous as a sewist, nor have made fortune enough to retire on, I do, indeed, love what I have going here in my own small business. Being in business for myself is wonderful for a few reasons which are blazingly obvious to me. I am in charge of my life when it comes to my sewing world. I make my own decisions regarding what products to offer, how to market them, what to charge, and when to work. That, my friends, is powerful. I also love the learning process. As a small business owner, I am basically a one-woman show. I do have some consulting and labor help occasionally (on a minute scale), but basically, I’m IT! I absolutely enjoy educating myself about the ins and outs of running a small business. The learning is a never-ending process, and I love that. It keeps me motivated, and encourages me to try new things.


My thinking face … 🙂

Another part of why I love owning and operating my small sewing business is the vision I have for what this can mean for me and my family. Of course, I have my external vision of providing a high-quality, unique product for that special wedding, or for a child’s birthday or Christmas. But my internal vision is what owning my own business can mean for my family and me. I envision a flexible work schedule (so I can be available for my kids). I envision financial supplement (so I can afford the things we need and want). I envision my skills and confidence growing (so that I can remain marketable and self-assured in my field). This bigger, internal vision inspires me to keep plugging away.


My internal vision (a.k.a. reasons) for my business! ❤

And I surely would be remiss is I did not give due credit to my customers. Have I mentioned how wonderful you are? There would be no business without you. {big warm smile} Small business owners are able to work intimately with their customers, and it is quite the amazing experience. When I sew up a Pajama Eater, I imagine your little one who will be holding it tight, all snuggly. I think of her sharing secrets with her newfound friend, and stashing a few things in its zipper mouth for safe-keeping.


I love customer snuggles!

When I am working on a Bridal Apron or Babushka, I remember weddings I have attended, and I think fondly of the couple on their special day. I somehow hope that my love and warmth and good wishes will be sewn up, too, along with their accessory. So that they might also feel the love and tradition as my gift to them.

Fertility Apron

And I love brides’ smiles!

So, this time of reflection has reminded me of why I have my Draw That Pig and Sto Lat shops. I feel renewed in spirit and drive to press on and make my small sewing business the best it can be. And, above all, I am thanking you, my customers, and all of you who support small businesses. You are supporting individuals (like me!) and families (like mine!) in their efforts to provide what they perceive to be the best of life for themselves and their familes! ❤


2 thoughts on “What Keeps Me Going {Reflections during Small Business Week 2017}

  1. Mary Ann says:

    You are one talented woman. Being a one woman show, I know how the time frame does not always work for you, but you stay up all night when you have to and would never skimp on that extra rose or stuffing to make your projects perfect. Good luck in the future.

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