January is Hot Tea Month {and my thoughts on hot tea}

It may seem reasonable that one may be a genuine coffee drinker OR a hot tea drinker. But not really both. I don’t know. Can you be both? Are the two REALLY dichotomous hot beverages? There is a widely accepted generalization, at least here in the Western world, that there are two main camps of hot beverage consumers — coffee or tea — and never the twain shall meet. Hmmm … let me explore this on a personal level.

I subjectively believe that there is space in my heart (and druthers) for both hot coffee AND hot tea. fullsizerender-6

See, it depends upon my mood. And my environment. And probably the weather, at times. I absolutely LOVE my coffee first thing in the morning. I prefer a medium roast, sweetened with sugar and lightened with half and half. And I can honestly say that I feel a little sideways if I skip my morning coffee. If I am looking for a boost (either psychological or physiological), then coffee is my main squeeze . Coffee helps me when I need to be awake, and motivated, and productive. Hello, work. 😉


But sometimes I just crave a steaming hot cup of tea. When are these times, you ask? Well, in my opinion, tea is a more sophisticated hot beverage. So, I might choose hot tea if I want to relax , be soothed and contemplate life. Maybe I am curling up with a pleasurable book. Or I might be sitting and chilling on my porch. Or maybe I feel a little sickish, and tea would comfort my throat, stuffy nose, or tummy. I especially appreciate a cup of tea which was brewed from herbs I grew by my own hand, picked at the peak of flavor — mint, chamomile, lavender or sage. (Note to self — consider planting a herb garden this spring. I sure do miss my garden at the house.)


Sage, chamomile and mint — all make great teas!

I am definitely able to enjoy hot tea in a variety of preparations. Right now in my cabinet I have an assortment of Twinings Black Tea. There is also organic peppermint, some other herbal teas, white tea, green tea, and your run-of-mill regular and decaf black teas. My preparation of choice depends on my mood (again), and the reason for my tea. For soothing and comforting my mood on a chilly day, I will choose a flavored black tea, prepared with cream and sugar. For curing what ails me, I will then pick regular black tea, sweetened with sugar and honey, with a decent squeeze of lemon. I like herbal teas plain, or with a bit of honey. Sometimes lemon in those, too. And occasionally, if I am feeling particularly crappy with a bad cold, I will make a hot toddy. The internet yields a variety of names as well as preparations for making a hot toddy. Basically, I prepare regular black tea, with sugar, honey and lemon — and add a shot of whatever brandy I have on hand. It helps. It really does. 🙂fullsizerender-7

So, January is Hot Tea Month! And that is just fine with me! Here are some ways that we can celebrate Hot Tea Month:

  • Try herbal teas if you are used to drinking only regular black tea.
  • Try cream and sugar in your tea if you are typically a lemon and honey tea drinker (or vice versa).
  • Buy some quality loose tea (mountainroseherbs is a great site) and a tea ball to enhance your tea-drinking experience.
  • Give the gift of tea. Bless someone with a variety of special teas and a cute mug.
  • Investigate ways to use teas externally — cool, used tea bags on tired eyes, a weak tea solution as an astringent for your face, a or a tea soak for achy muscles. The internet is loaded with ideas.

Prepare your favorite brew. Relax. And enjoy a cup of tea. What better time than January? ❤


6 thoughts on “January is Hot Tea Month {and my thoughts on hot tea}

  1. Ken Seegar says:

    Definitely coffee in the morning. Tea in the late afternoon and evening. Reasoning? Coffee gives that needed boost to get the day started. Tea offers a warm and comfortable relaxation for a cold evening, or even after a busy day. Hot toddy is a definite perk for those days when you’re not quite on your game. Take one in the evening, then get under the covers and enjoy a soothing night’s sleep. Nothing beats it!

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