A train excursion on the historic Delaware-Lackawanna Railroad

Steamtown National Historic Site in Scranton runs many train excursions along the Pocono Mountain seasonally. Especially delightful are the short trips in the fall to view the gorgeous foliage. Last weekend my kids, my boyfriend and I hopped aboard a vintage train and spent the afternoon enjoying the sites and each other’s company. It was an absolutely perfect autumn day, and a last-minute decision book this trip made it all the more fun and carefree! 


The trains are neither heated nor air-conditioned. It was a perfect day to open up the heavy antique windows and enjoy the warm fall breeze!

The rise of the Industrial Revolution in the Scranton area led the Lackawanna Iron & Coal Company, Scranton’s first major industry, to build a railroad. Construction began in 1851 and was led in part by local industry director George Scranton.


The train we rode is in the background, and Lauren is showing us the beautiful autumn leaves here in NEPA!

Today’s Pocono Mountain line, with some improvements, follows the route of the original construction. Since there is no flat, direct path out of Scranton, the easiest way up and over the mountains follows Roaring Brook onto the Pocono Plateau. The line runs through the hills and lakes atop the plateau and continues down the eastern slope to East Stroudsburg.


I love my babies! and I am so blessed to have them close to me. ❤

Sadly, two hurricanes — Diane in 1955 and Agnes in 1972 — put a tremendous financial strain on the railroad due to losses and rebuilding. Today, Steamtown National Historic Site partners with the Delaware-Lackawanna Railroad, operation excursion trains along this line.


Rhianna doesn’t often pose for pictures. I consider myself very lucky to have this shot of us!

The afternoon we spent together was informative yet altogether relaxing. The gorgeous scenery and warm soft breezes, along with the earthy scents of autumn and the rhythmic motion of the train provided a special afternoon that I didn’t want to end. This picture of Rhianna captures how I felt on the train, lost in thoughts, imagination and my senses.


A train excursion is a dreamy imaginative experience.

And, of course, we needed a souvinor to mark the occasion. 🙂


Rhianna’s “train track” earrings. 

I love the seasons. And this post highlights just one reason why I love fall here in Northeast Pennsylvania!


Gorgeous fall foliage in NEPA!

What do you and your family enjoy during the fall? Let me know in the comments below! ❤


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