Shop local, buy handmade {a review of Sharp Dressed Dog}

Have you been noticing over the last few years, more and more local artisans are selling their wares? I sure have. And, indeed, I am one of those artisans. Here is the bigger question — have you been buying from those local artisans over the last few years?

Hmm … that is something to think about.

There is no denying the trend in recent years toward the handmade market  It is cool and popular and maybe even a status symbol to buy handmade. But there is so much more to it than that. When you shop local and buy handmade you are tapping into an individual’s creativity. You are gaining a piece of the artist’s heart and soul along with the particular item that you bought. Artisans do not create their products with the lowest cost and mass production in mind. They create with care and attention, and time and love.

That, my dear ones, is what you are purchasing. And you are supporting that mentality. And you are supporting an actual person in her endeavors to share her talent and make a living at doing what she loves to do.Over then next few weeks, I am going to feature on my blog several handmade businesses local to the Scranton area. I would like to share with you a peek at their stories, their processes, and yes, their goods! I hope reading about these small businesses will be encouragement for you to consider shopping closer to home this holiday season, and supporting your local artisans. 🙂


Owner Linda Clark has a physical location for Sharp Dressed Dog inside Gracie Lyn’s Grooming House Duryea, PA

The first local business I am featuring is called Sharp Dressed Dog, owned and operated by Linda Clark. I have known Linda and her family for many years through our local church, and more recently I have been vending alongside Linda and her mom Annette at Scranton Prep’s Galleria for the past few years. Linda’s love for dogs is the driving force behind her business.


Tres chic, oui?

Sharp Dressed Dog offers quality products for your furbabies at reasonable prices. If you are a dog owner, you understand that your pet is not just a pet. She is a family member, for goodness sake! Of course, she is! And your little (or big) pooch deserves to be spoiled with all the stops pulled out. Sharp Dressed Dog offers quality that you won’t find at the Big Box stores.


Adorable “Birthday Girl” outfit

Quality, yes. And service. Did I mention customer service? One great advantage of shopping local and buying handmade is that you are much more likely to get what you want. Linda offers personal service in her business, and in many cases, she has made custom items for dogs who don’t fit in the typical sizes. For example, Linda’s customers range in size from a two-pound Maltese to a 250-pound Cane Curso Italian Mastiff!


Someone is going to be Minnie Mouse for Halloween! 😉

Linda has a bricks and mortar location for Sharp Dressed Dog inside Gracie Lyn’s Grooming House at 408 Stephenson Street in Duryea. She also vends at a few of the bigger local craft shows, as well as on Etsy. Linda gets the word out for her business via the Target Shopper (a local advertising publication), her Facebook business page, and the old-fashioned way — talking up her business via personal contact with potential buyers as she hands out business cards. She also generously donates raffle baskets to various causes (with her contact information, of course), and regularly holds special events at her Duryea store.


Everyone LOVES the NFL merchandise!

For example, on December 1 and December 10 Linda will offer Pictures with Santa for pets at her store. Refreshments will be served, and each furbaby will receive a free gift from Santa compliments of Sharp Dressed Dog! Linda plans to make these special events happen monthly in the upcoming year.

For the approaching holiday season, you can purchase some beautiful Christmas dresses and adorable Christmas tuxedo vests to help your furbabies celebrate in style! Although not everything that Linda sells is handmade, most items are. Shopping at Sharp Dressed Dog this holiday season means that you will be getting a top-quality, unique product for your beloved furbaby. But, more importantly, you will be supporting local artisan Linda Clark in her handmade business endeavors. ❤

SHARP DRESSED DOG contact information:

  • Facebook – Sharp Dressed Dog
  • Etsy – Sharp Dressed Dog
  • Store – 408 Stephenson Street, Duryea, PA 18642

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