The oh-so-versatile throw pillow {eight ideas for Halloween}

Ah, yes. The throw pillow. Small and decorative. Aesthetic yet functional, too. Throw pillows are usually placed on couches or armchairs, but they are also frequently used on beds, day beds and floors. Throw pillows serve a dual purpose. Their decorative nature allows them to tie in color accents within a room, often drawing on the colors in drapes, walls or area rugs. While their functional perspective includes offering back, neck and head support, or a snuggle buddy for reading or watching television.

The best part about throw pillows? They add a whimsical dash of fun corresponding to the seasons and holidays! woman-thinking-blue.jpgIn my perfectly seasonally decorated home {swirling in my imagination}, I would buy several pillow forms — probably square in shape, because I like such things to be neat and predictable. And then I would make seasonal pillowcases for them — probably envelope style, because who can be bothered with zippers when you are decorating for fun? And I would have a blast sewing up different fun pillowcases which could be swapped out each holiday! Yes, indeed. That is what I would do.

Here are eight DIY Halloween throw pillow ideas for my inspiration and yours! I noticed that I was tending toward a more “grown-up” style rather than pure silly, fun or spooky. Hmm, must be my mood. 😉 If you can sew a straight line, you can surely try a few of these for yourself.


Color block Candy Corn Pillows by Positively Splendid


Batty Felt Pillow by Ameroonie Designs


Embroidered Halloween Cat Pillow by OhOhBlog


DIY Halloween Pillows by FurnishBurnish (Instructions for felt applique are given — great to try, too! But I really love the black paint stenciled on burlap pillows I found on their site!) 


A no-sew knock off Pottery Barn Mummy Pillow by Handmade Mood


Stenciled pillow covers by Lincoln Street Blog


Trick or Treat stenciled pillows by Detroit Mommies


Halloween Pillow Covers by Tater Tots and Jello

So, there you have it, folks. I absolutely *adore* these festive Halloween pillow covers! If you decide to make some, let me know. I would love to know how they turn out. ❤


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