The making of a Pajama Eater … It’s a meticulous labor of passion <3

10531292_626981810742872_6193231672576675182_oYou see these cuties for sale … looking all adorable and such. Looking like maybe they could have been manufactured in a factory.


But you know better. Because for one, I’m selling my Pajama Eaters on Etsy, the leading online handmade marketplace. Or at a local craft show (like this one) which is juried specifically for handcrafted goods. And, two, I’m telling you that I made them! Me. All by myself.

Wow, you say. Indeed. That itself is a compliment, and I thank you.

But, really. This is a monumental decision. The decision to put my own handiwork out there for the world to see. To have it scrutinized and admired, and sometimes criticized. This public offering is not for the faint of heart. For it requires something more than the fabric and thread necessary to build a Pajama Eater. Something even more than the skill required to cut and sew the pieces together. This decision is fueled by something called passion. And without it, I dare say one would be spinning her proverbial wheels seeking satisfaction in the handmade arena.

Merriam-Webster defines passion as a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something, or about doing something. In what ways am I passionate about my handmade businesses?

  • Firstly, on quite a practical level, my passion leads me to be very meticulous about my sewing, with exact attention to details. Did I miscalculate the fabric cut by a fraction? Do-over. That seam isn’t perfect to me? Where’s the seam ripper.
  • Secondly, I get quite emotionally involved in sewing my creations, almost embarrassingly so. Throughout the steps of creating an item, steps like sketching, pinning, cutting, more pinning, sewing, seam-ripping and many more, I ponder the item’s recipient. I think of how happy a child will be to cuddle a super soft Pajama Eater on his birthday. Or how a bride will create lasting memories as she dons a traditional lace babushka during the dollar dance at  her wedding reception. These thoughts and visuals fuel my passion!

Here is a quick peak into my process of creating a Pajama Eater:

*Fabric is selected (for prime softness and cuteness, of course!) and is cut according to the pattern’s specifications. Facial features and teeth are cut out, too.fabric-pile

*Then comes the pinning. And sewing.


I recently purchased a walking foot for my sewing machine. I have noticed a big difference in how smoothly the layers of fabric feed through the machine when I sew. This is a very good thing!


Two-dimensional PJ Eaters. 🙂

*And then, some fluff-stuffing.


*And some more sewing to secure these limbs to the body.


*And, at last, a scrumptiously adorable Pajama Eater is born! With all the creator’s love, passion, and meticulous attention to detail.


So, you see. Each time I make my handmade items available to the public eye, I am offering the obvious final result of a tangible product for sale. Yet I am also offering a bit of my heart and soul. My passion. ❤


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