So .. What ARE these, anyway? {a working definition of a Pajama Eater}

I have been vending at craft shows for just about four years now. And I truly do enjoy this aspect of my business! It is a privilege to be able to meet my customers in person. This is golden for me as a seller! Why? Because then I can convey my enthusiasm for my product face to face. My passion is vital in convincing potential customers of the value of my product. It is so much easier to convince buyers that they need a Pajama Eater if they can see its cuteness, touch its softness, and hear its creator sing praises! 😉


You can see that I’m super cute! But aren’t your fingers just itching to feel my softness?

Pajama Eaters are always top sellers at my shows, especially around the time of gift-giving holidays. However, without much variation, here is the scenario of the Pajama Eater-buying customer. 🙂

Scene 1 Customer approaches Draw That Pig’s booth and spies PJ Eater display. 

Customer: (squealing with delight) “Oooooo …. what are these? They are so cute!”

Me: “Aww … thank you so much!”

Customer: “Are they pillows? Is that a pocket? What do they do?”img_0449

So many questions!

These, my dear ones, are Pajama Eaters!!

They are a one-piece plush toy with a zipper pocket across the front. They are huggable creatures who live on a little one’s bed. They have quite an appetite for “clean-but-not-squeaky-clean” pj’s. They will “eat” them during the day, and have them ready and waiting for nighttime.

But wait … they don’t just eat pj’s.

They can stash secrets or worries. They will hold small treasures, trinkets and treats. Like what? Well, little books, Matchbox cars, bitty toys, stickers, a journal, lollipops … endless possibilities, friends. If your little one is sick, a PJ Eater is a cuddly get-well gift which can stash tissues, cough drops, and a book.

Pair him with a coordinating pillowcase for a super cool present, making you the absolute hit of the party!

Yes, my dears, these are PAJAMA EATERS!! Created and sewn up with love by Draw That Pig.

So. There you have it. Does this answer your questions?

And, again. I do try very hard to convey the greatness of my Pajama Eaters in my online shop.


Every Pajama Eater comes with a card explaining its value, and answering your questions.

But it is quite another thing to meet a Pajama Eater in person at Draw That Pig’s booth at a craft show. Maybe I will see you at one of my shows this holiday season! ❤




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