Inspired by my family and sewn up with love …

Me:  Hi  … I’m Donna, and welcome to Draw That Pig!

Most everyone else:  Hmmm … that’s an interesting name for a business. Do you draw? sketch? (no) Well, do you maybe paint? (nope, too) What’s a pig have to do with anything? Do you raise pigs? Sell them? (haha … very much no)

Me: I sew unique gift items for children and women, and I create bridal accessories, too.

Most everyone else: Wow. I never would have guessed that. Why the name Draw That Pig? Here’s my story …  The expression draw that pig is personal to me, and it goes way back – to my Kindergarten days, in fact. Near the back of my workbook was an assignment to “draw a pig.” What? NO! I panicked. Every day my parents would encourage me saying, “You could do it, Donna! You can draw that pig!” When the time came, I drew the best pig ever! I can even distinctly remember the teacher taking my workbook and holding it up for the class to see, praising my work!


Best pig drawing ever!


Yellowed Kindergarten workbook page, dating back some 43 years!

And that has been my motto for confidence ever since!

I bought my first sewing machine when my oldest was born, a kind of domestic instinct kicked in, I think. Among my early creations were Halloween costumes, purses and dolls. As my family grew (along with the chaos in my home) a new sewing machine ignited creations tending toward the more practical – crayon rolls, zippered pouches and bags. The many compliments I’ve received on my work fueled my confidence in the idea that I could sell these things to others.

Draw that pig is more than a motto of encouragement to me. It is a beacon. It is my history.

Believe me when I tell you that I have absolutely needed this reminder throughout the many years since my childhood. This adage works for me in myriad situations ranging from casual, to thought-provoking to very somber. And you would be amazed at the collection of pigs I have amassed from my parents over the decades! These are a visual suggestion that I could do anything I put my mind to! Like having a sewing business. Most importantly, I am reminded of my parents’ encouragement, in their belief in me — as a child and even now, well into my adult years.

And that is priceless! ❤






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