Mornings will be crucial …

I don’t really know what I am — early bird or night owl. I seem to fall somewhere in the middle. For sure, late nights are not appealing to me. My engines are grinding to a halt by around 10 o’clock.  And as for early mornings, I typically feel how this kitty looks:


@ Pitter Patter Furry Feet

But I need to make this work. I will make this work. If I want to do the best I can at my new position as an aide at our school, AND I want to successfully grow my sewing business, I MUST make this work. After all, I chose these income-earning opportunities with the goal of being available for my family, so THEY are my incentive.

Oh, I have plenty of personal experience with waking up late. Yes, I do. Hitting the snooze button, and racing around like a lunatic in the morning. Believe me, this is not much fun. It is even less fun when I am trying to drag little ones out of bed, and we are all scrambling out the door, late for the bus. Not much fun at all. This scenario is not a great way to start the day — not for them, and not for me.

missed bus

That sinking feeling when you round the corner and see the bus pulling away.

I have some experience, too, with early rising, and it IS all that it is cracked up to be for me. In fact, one of the things I love about my Sunday paper route is being awake with the sun. To me, there is something peaceful and powerful about starting my day along with the sun (and the birds, too). {Disclaimer here:  I DO take a nap when I am finished delivering papers. Being up with the sun at 5:00 am is an enjoyable thing. Getting up at 2:20 am to make the whole thing happen on time requires a subsequent nap.} Yes, I want to be a morning person. But how to be that .. how to be that?

Truthfully, I have long wanted to be a morning person. I understand the value of rising early, and I desire to have those things in my life, too. With the newness of the approaching school year, and new employment for me, this seems like the perfect time to make early rising a priority in my life. I just have to figure out good strategies that work for me, and then implement them!

What kind of morning personality are you? Do you have any tips for wanna-be early risers like myself? Post your comment in the box below; I would love to hear from you. ❤


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